Zucchini spaghetti
& meatless balls

Ok. We have something to admit. The meat-less balls are kind of cubic, but we thought “Zucchini spaghetti & meat-less cubes” didn’t sound that enticing.

In fact, swapping carb-rich pasta with fresh healthy zucchini spaghetti, swapping the balls out for tenderly roasted, then sautéed eggplant and dusting in cashew-parmesan would potentially be enough to make a Nonna feel faint. But that’s what we like best here at KIND, adapting ageless meals to a more sustainable, nutritious choice – without sacrificing any of those beloved flavours.

The “spaghetti” is kept al dente, the meatless balls savoury and robust, the provincial sauce rich, herby and simple – just like Mama makes. It’s even been road-tested by both Mama and Nonna, who came to the mutual conclusion: it exceeds the delizioso test.

Auckland plant based eatery's organic zucchini spaghetti with eggplant "meatballs" and tomato passata