Kind. to the neighbourhood

Helping to make Morningside a greener place to live.
We are an Eatery that resources, supports and helps build and promote a greener neighbourhood.

More greenery

We want to change the grey concrete backdrop to one that is green and lush. We will encourage and provide the means for local businesses to plant large potted trees in areas that are currently concrete. In fact, one of our stated aims is to see a noticeable difference in the amount of greenery visible on google maps!

Plant cards

Instead of coffee cards, we have ‘plant cards’. For every nine coffees you buy, you will be able to choose a small seedling to take home and plant in your garden (and if you don’t have somewhere to plant it, we can plant it in our garden!)

Morningside Urban Market Garden

We have partnered with Crave Cafe and others in the Morningside community to establish the Morningside Urban Market Garden. This Social Enterprise is transforming local disused bowling greens into a growing space. We are providing employment and training for women with refugee backgrounds, while reducing food miles for cafe produce.
Read about how you can get involved here.

Adopt your berm

Want to adopt your berm?! The Adopt a Berm project resources neighbours to plant and tend to berms on their street.

Community composting

We support, educate and resource the neighbourhood in composting. Together with the Food Waste Fairy we encourage community composting services.