Kind. to OUR EARTH

We want to have a minimal impact on our Earth
and are constantly looking for innovative, sustainable and ethical ways to do this.

Sustainable practices

We aim to encourage Morningside in sustainable practices in any way we can — to ensure our sourcing, usage and disposal of product and resources are done thoughtfully and sustainably, to encourage, educate and resource.
If you have any great ideas or are a neighbour who is particularly passionate about sustainability, let us know!

Kind ingredients

KIND strives to use ingredients that are kind to our Earth; ingredients that are low on food mileage, water usage and have minimal environmental impact. Our food is mainly plant based and organic. The small amount of animal product we use is all free range.

80% composted

We compost 80% of the non-recyclable waste we produce. We Compost, Innocent Packaging and Jad Cup are working alongside us to achieve this. If you do use a take away cup, please bring it back and dispose of it in our composting bin!

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