KIND Catering
terms & Conditions


1.1 Once an online order has been completed & sent to KIND it is deemed as an ‘order’. The buyer is legally bound to the order and any agreements therein including these terms and conditions. A request for card details will be sent out in order to hold a ‘bond’ for platters associated with any salad or mains orders.

1.2 Should you wish to make any changes to your order this must be done prior to our deadline of 2 pm / two days prior. Fridays 2 pm is the deadline for Monday & Tuesday orders.

1.3 Should you wish to ask for a “quote” this must be clearly stated in an email, not through the online order system.

1.4 Cancellations after our 2 pm deadlines will be charged in full as produce will have been ordered.


2.1 We do not charge for the use of our platters but require these to be washed and returned to us cleaned. KIND will request card information to be held until the safe return of any hired property

2.2 Platters, bowls, or jars returned dirty will be charged at $3.50 per item.

2.3 Please ensure any platters stacked for travel, are packed carefully. Any platters, bowls, and jars that are returned chipped will be charged at cost to the customer.

2.4 Any missing platters will be immediately notified to the customer, requesting a return within 3 days of the event.

2.5 Items missing after these 3 days, will be charged to the held card at a replacement cost.


3.1 Any order that is served in one of our platters will incur a ‘bond’. Once this order has been placed & paid for, card details will be requested to be held as a ‘bond’ for any platters/bowls required. This card will only be charged if Platters, Bowls, or Jars are returned dirty, chipped, or are missing. (See 2 PLATTERS)