New-Normal Workshop

An Eco-Living Workshop with Juliet Dale

In this fun and interactive presentation you’ll get 26 practical, cost-effective tips to reduce the amount of rubbish you throw in your bins.

The idea is to have a go at implementing one tip each week for the next 6 months; realistic, doable and easy. It’s not about all-of-a-sudden going Zero-Waste or being Plastic-Free, it’s about taking small steps which combine to make a big difference. Progress, not perfection.

Tuesday 3rd September, 7.30-9pm.

Limited numbers available. $10 per ticket, includes bubbles at the door.

Tickets can be purchased at KIND, or through online booking on the book page. Simply book for Tuesday 3rd at 7.30pm and it will ask if you’d like to buy a ticket to the workshop or book a table in the restaurant.

See you there!