Mushroom Tagliatelle

Whilst certainly proving to be a fun-guy, James, KIND’s head chef, takes taste seriously.

His high standards of cooking doesn’t leave mush-room for error. Especially when it comes to one of his favourite ingredients – mushrooms.

That’s why each of our mushroom meals have not one but three different types of shroom – button, brown and Portobello. It’s also why great care is taken with accompanying ingredients. The black garlic used in the sauce is fermented in 55degree heat for up to two weeks, the spinach wilted just-so to keep it’s freshness (not to mention health properties) and our salsa verde uses almost every herb under the sun. Toasted pinenuts, worth more than their weight in gold (admittedly they are very light) are then carefully placed one-by-one on top of the dish (we may have fabricated that a little), the whole lot garnished with a perfect, furry little koru of fern.

Auckland plant based eatery's mushrooms - three kinds of mushrooms with black garlic and pine nuts