Jackfruit Tostadas

What happens when a somewhat carnivorous chef is asked to create a plant based meal, savoury enough to trick even their paleo pals?

Said chef takes their legendary pork tostada recipe, complete with smoky chipotle marinade – and simply skips the pork.

But that doesn’t mean we serve our crunchy corn tostadas and with only the lettuce, peanuts and sprouts (and sauce of course). It means we improvise.

Jackfruit. You may have heard of the odd “fruit” that’s singlehandedly giving meat a run for it’s money, but do you know what it is?

A distant cousin of the fig, artocarpus heterophyllus, of the breadfruit family has a unique ability to take on flavour, and when cooked, holds the texture of pulled pork.
It’s not only delicious, it’s much healthier, incredibly low in bad fats (or any fats) and is far better for the environment.

When we were making our menu, we knew we had to use this versatile Jack-of-all-trades-fruit and in chef James’ eyes, there was only one way to do it. Taco’bout delicious!!!

Auckland plant based eatery's vegan jackfruit tostadas, garnished with locally sourced organic micro-greens